Here at Engage we take pride in our project management process. We are constantly looking at how to improve and make our processes both more efficient and effective. Because of this forward thinking culture at Engage, we have developed an internal tool to give our project manager a clearer overview of each team member’s progress and workload.

Basecamp is an effective project management tool, one that our teams use every day. With different team members involved on multiple projects it can be challenging to get an overview of all the moving parts. The problem we set out to solve was to allow our project manager to see all upcoming Basecamp tasks aggregated in one place, across all projects, and all team members.

Introducing OverView, a project management tool for Basecamp. OverView provides a quick and clear summary of all active tasks for each team member across all Basecamp projects.


The interface is simple and clean; it is designed to make it easy for project managers to quickly organize team members and arrange them in an order that is most beneficial to them.


OverView makes it possible to efficiently see upcoming deadlines and makes it easy to follow up on a project’s progress. Under each team member, tasks can be sorted by project name or by date. Here at Engage, our project manager uses the sort by date feature every day to ensure that project deadlines are met and tasks are complete on time or ahead of schedule.

OverView is now available as open source software, so go ahead and check it out. We’re more than happy to accept pull requests and issue tickets. If you have a Basecamp account you can also try it out for yourself here: or view the project on GitHub: EngageDC/overview.

[This is a repost of a blogpost I wrote for the Engage Blog]